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Company Info

JLRA has undertaken and completed a large number of residential and commercial projects and has experience in conservation and heritage projects.

We approach each project with a desire to give our clients not only what they need and want, but also to expose them to new ideas and possibilities. Each design has the principals of good architecture – Functionality, Beauty and Durability. We aim to craft elegant solutions that delight and improve daily living experiences.

All of our projects aim to provide a building and space that the client will continue to use and love long after completion. All of our porojects have an awareness of the environmental and sustainable responsibility of each project, with an emphasis on local products and craftsmanship, renewable energy solutions and environmentally responsible elements to the buildings.

Each finshed buildingsshould be a harmonious addition to its environment, and a pleasure to occupy.

The principal architect, Jacqueline Le Roux, is a qualified architect with over ten years experience who is registered with South African Council for Architectural Professionals, The South African Institute of Architects, and the Gauteng Institute for Architects. She qualified at University of Cape Town and then furthered her studies at the Dublin Institute in Ireland. After working with O’Mahony Pike Architects in Dublin, she returned to Johannesburg to work for Kate Otten Architects , before starting up her own practice.
Jacquie has worked on projects ranging from converting a Georgian Chapel to office, to apartment buidings as well as house designs and shop renovations. She is passionate about architecture that is environmentally responsive, and relevant to the South African context, utilizing our strengths and responding to climate, context and client. 

Jacqueline Le Roux  

Principal Architect


“Architecture does not end at its walls”